Egg beauty benefits for skin and hair

Eggs, those humble kitchen staples, have long been cherished for their versatile culinary uses. But did you know that eggs are not just exceptional in the kitchen? They also possess remarkable beauty benefits that can work wonders for your skin and hair. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the egg’s treasure trove of […]

The Best Sahara Desert Trips in Morocco

When you visit Morocco for the first time, you will absolutely love the modest lifestyle of the locals, especially in the old Medinas of the famous imperial cities and over the small Berber villages that you may visit during your tours or excursions. However, the warm atmosphere of Sahara Desert is completely different, an adventure […]

ESA Certification: You can now become a certified ecologist

Our world is changing and the methods which used to work in the past are no longer enough to restore our planet. To counteract the effects of pollution we must change our ecological practices and develop new sustainable projects. With this ecological wave, new career opportunities have opened for those who love and respect our […]

France, source of inspiration for climate issues ?

By a collective of politicians, scientists, climatologists, academics and economists. Among them, Jacques Attali and Maud Fontenoy in particular. Two years after the signing of the Paris agreement, the world has failed to contain its greenhouse gas emissions and reduce its dependence on fossil fuels: greenhouse gas emissions have even risen and fossil fuels (coal, […]