Royal icing and egg white powder


Royal icing is one of the famous cake decoration that many cake designers uses to make their creation more aesthetics and more delicious. Making simple royal icing with egg white powder is a good alternative to fresh eggs as this first is easier to find but also to use within the recipe. Hereafter some information to help you understand how to make royal icing with egg white powder.

Why using egg white powder for the royal icing?

In principle, you can use any egg to make a royal icing. The recipe is simple and does not require any picky techniques that only the professional master. But it is recommended to privilege the egg white powder as it makes the recipe easier to realize. You just have to add some water and get the consistency you need for the recipe.

Besides, if you use egg white powder, you can make sure that you will not need many powdered sugar for your preparation. In fact, if you easily get the consistency for the icing, you won’t need extra sugar to make it stiffer. And this can make it healthier without adding some sugar on it that is not always good for the children.

What do you need to make a royal icing?

Whether you will make a royal icing cookie decorating, a royal icing roses or a royal icing chrysanthemum, you will need egg white powder, water, lemon juice and powdered sugar. These are the main ingredients you need.

For the preparation, you may need gel food coloring, flower nail, couplers a piping bag. You can also need paper towels, glass, bounder clips orrubber but also a cut-up piece of parchment paper and o brush and scribe tool.

Remember that the royal cookie decorating technique is simple and if you are a beginner, you can easily achieve it. Without any experience, you can make beautify cookies for your family. You can also please your child with decorated gingerbread that they will appreciate during nativity’s festivities.

How to make a royal icing?

To get a royal icing for your cookies or your gingerbreads, you have to go through some simple steps. First of all, make sure to prepare the powder egg by adding some water to it. Once you get a strain mixture, you can put it in large bowl.

Add half of your sugar in the mixture and mix it well before adding the other half. After, you can put on the lemon and whisk it well. According to the consistency you need, you can add some extra powdered sugar.

The more you need stiff consistency, the more you should add sugar. Once you are satisfied with the consistency you get, you can color it. For that, you just have to egg some gel food coloring to the icing.

In order to get natural colors, add a little bit of coloring at a time. Don’t hesitate in combining many colors at the same time so that you will get a realistic tone. If you are not sure that you will get the right color, take some neutral icing aside before adding the colors on it.

Once you get all the tones that you wanted, transfer your colored icing into your piping bag that you will lay on the table. With your icing spatula, push your icing toward the piping and tie your bag after it.

In order to decorate your cookies, outline them and let it rest for 5 minutes before flooding the surface. Let it dry all night. After, you can put any decorations and figures you want with the other colored icing that you have prepared. Feel free to use your imagination.