Local Products in Morocco


People have a growing tendency to use fresh, natural or homemade local products in order to avoid any food products that contain chemical dyes or additives. This new tendency comes from the fact that consumers want to enjoy a kind of food safety and keep a healthy state as well as a mental and social well-being. For this reason, local cuisine, or more generally, using local products has been more popular during the last recent years. So what can we say about Moroccan Gastronomy and what are the main local products in Morocco?

What does Terroir Mean ?

Terroir is the idea that food or wine have specific qualities that are influenced by the place of origin. This notion comes specially to help people who are looking to know where the food products come from.

Terroir cuisine means the use of fresh and original food prepared in the pure local tradition without using modern recipes or new culinary technologies. When we talk about Couscous which is an emblematic dish, that makes you think immediately about Morocco, and when we talk about Amlou, Zemita or Berkoukech which are also very popular dishes in some Berber regions, that refers to the most original food in the history of Morocco.

Even with several new versions of Couscous, this typical Moroccan recipe constitutes a true gastronomic identity for the country and offer a large image that reflects the cuisine culture of the ancestors. Therefore, a traditional cuisine cannot be compared to the new concepts of snacks or fast food like sandwiches, pizzas or hamburgers, the cuisine of terroir is a more authentic cuisine with more original flavors.

For restaurants, the terroir cuisine is big advantage that adds a supportive plus for customers in terms of food quality. On the other hand, other gastronomy experts believe that terroir cuisine can also mean a cuisine that highlights first the local products.

Terroir Products in Morocco

The climatic conditions as well as local ecosystems contribute certainly in the great diversity of local products. Many local products are almost available only in Morocco such as the precious Argan oil, the Safron of Taliouine or the Barbary Fig of Taounate.

The local products constitute additional sources of income for Moroccan farmers and small local populations of the mountains and remote areas. Among a wide range of products, here is a small selection of the most popular local products in Morocco:

Argan Oil

Argan oil is used in both cooking and cosmetic industry, it is a very precious oil made from a thousand-year-old tree called the Argan tree and can be found only in certain regions in southwestern Morocco, between Essaouira & Agadir.

In Morocco, Argan oil is used in Berber cuisine as well as in traditional medicine thanks to its many virtues for the health and the body. This natural oil very rich in vitamin E and antioxidants, is becoming essential for the most famous cosmetic brands around the world especially in natural body and hair care.

Safron of Taliouine

A Moroccan spice with a red color, that is cultivated in several regions in Morocco but with a more superior and exceptional quality in the Taliouine-Taznakht region. This spice is important in many Moroccan recipes, and is one of the most expensive spices in the world, that’s why many farmers call it the ‘red gold’.

Morocco is the fourth largest producer of Safron in the world after Iran, India and Greece. Safron is known for its almost unique flavors and for its medicinal qualities.

Euphorbian Honey

Also called Daghmouss in Arabic, Euphorbia honey is produced from the flowers of euphorbia, a thorny plant growing mainly in Morocco. Like other types of Moroccan honey, Euphorbia honey is mainly issued from Ait Baamrane region, it offers a toning and warming effect and has several medicinal virtues and benefits for the health of the body.

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