An accountant to manage your investments

Contrary to popular belief, an accounting firm does not only count companies, large or small, among their clients. It is also aimed at people who need help in managing their finances and investments.

Why invest your income?

It’s a fact! Leaving your money in the bank is not the best way to keep it safe. Of course, in the event of burglary or fire, insurance gives you back your money, but what about tax? Even asleep on your account, your income will be localizable by the Belgian authorities. The more they increase, the more your social contributions will be important. Hence the importance of investing. By choosing wisely the type of investment you make, you could benefit from a substantial tax reduction. This is particularly the case in stone, life insurance or savings accounts.

Investments also make your income more profitable. If you are lucky and know how to choose the best investments, your income can go back to five times or more. It can be blocked funds, as often in real estate investments, or directly available as in trading. It is a big trend in Belgium today in terms of investment, given its ease and the returns it can offer.

In any case, investors are often people who are more forward looking. The main objective is to guarantee a better financial future for the household.

The role of an accountant in the process

Whatever the case may be, supporting your financial investments is important to ensure success and to facilitate the process. An accountant Saint-Gilles is your best ally.

The accountant helps you choose the best investment based on your investor profile: the available capital, the maximum duration of the desired investment, income blocked or not, etc. It will also take into account your old investments. The goal is to diversify your wealth as it should and maximize your chances of winning.

The accountant will also help you set up a good financing strategy. He accompanies you as well with banks, microfinance companies, organizations of all kinds, etc. Not only will it count the best alternatives of the market, but it will also accompany you with every step, in particular to ensure you take advantage of the best offer of the market.

And of course, it is an undeniable ally for the management of all your investments. He can also take the place of a real estate fund manager who manages the apartments for rent. It will aim to facilitate the administration of your property and the management of requests from tenants and the maintenance of the premises. But be careful, in this case, you will have to arrange for the search of the tenants personally. The real estate accountant does not take on the roles of a professional property manager.

Finally, the accountant will help you in the tax declaration of your income, taking into account the possible defiscalisation of which you can benefit.