Babitou beach, a gem in the north of Dominica

Dominica Island

A holiday in Dominica is a discovery of the natural beauty the island has to offer. You are likely to spend more time in its lush rainforest or in its colourful seascape. Beaches should nonetheless be in your plans and one you must visit is the one at Babitou Bay.

A sheer untouched beauty

Babitou Bay is located in north of the island, in St. Andrew Parrish, a few miles from Calibishie. Fun fact: its name is actually a pleonasm because batibou means bay in the Kalinoga language! It is home to one of the most striking beaches of Dominica. Long of 300m, Batibou Beach owns fine golden sands nested between a crystal-clear water and line up palm trees. Behind, you have the greenery of the rainforest and the hills. It is exactly what you would expect from a Caribbean beach! However, it’s a private beach and you are required to pay $5 to enter. You might think that it’s too much for a beach but what it has to offer can’t actually be bought. For an overnight stay, there is an additional $20 fee.

A filming location set away from mass tourism

If you have watched Pirates of Caribbean, it is likely that you have seen a glimpse of Batibou Beach. It has indeed been used as a filming location for the movie. It is – spoiler alert, where the Black Pearl grounds in the Dead Man’s Chest. Despite being mentioned in a very popular movie, Batibou Beach is still uncrowded, even during high season. You can therefore sunbath and sip your drinks from the bar peacefully. However, there aren’t many amenities since it’s a quiet place. It’s a (BYOBC) bring your own beach chair kind of place so keep that in mind if you like a fancy sunbathing. You might also want to find a villa for rent for holiday around, like in Calibishie for a better accommodation and a more comfortable night.

A place where adventure awaits

The reason why Batibou Beach is still secluded is that you have to hike about 15 to 30 minutes to reach this treasure. You could think of going there as a quest rewarded with a jaw-dropping backdrop! Your starting point is where you are staying. If you lack stamina or just want to spend the most of it by the beach, you can take a taxi or drive until the furthest safe spot for the car and start walking then. While hiking, enjoy the fresh air of the rainforest. During the day, you could walk along the golden beach, lounge by the beachfront bar or snorkel into the colourful display of the water. In the evening, Batibou Beach shows a beautiful sunset. However, waiting for it might force you to stay the night if you go alone. Travel in groups because a quest is never done alone and the more, the merrier! If you go exclusively for the sunset, go there after 5pm. The guards will be gone, and you can sneak in for free!