First trip to Paris: how not to mess it up?

If you have always dream to visit Paris, planning well your trip is the best way to insure the success of your project. As Paris is big and has so much to offer to its visitors, we give you some tips to help you for the organization of your stay in the capital of France.

When to come in Paris ?

Paris is a living city: always active, always friendly and hospitable all year long. You can come whenever you want; but it may be useful to know that the prices of flight or train ticket to Paris always change. If you are on a budget, it’s better planning a trip to Paris when it’s not:
– School vacations,
– Holiday periods,
– Week-ends, especially extended week-ends,
– Special days as Christmas, New Year’s Eve or Valentine day…

However, you can also to choose to come on high tourist season that is from 1st April to 31st October. This period offers great weather to those who want to visit the city. But your stay may be expensive and you may not enjoy it because of the crowd.

Coming in low season, from 1st November to 31st March, except the days around Christmas time and New Year’s Eve, is more interesting, regarding prices (tickets, accommodation, etc.) and the number of tourists.

What to see and to do?

Among riches and curiosities that make Paris fame are her parks, her avenues, famous places and monuments, not to mention the Seine and its shores. She is an open-air museum and also has most worldwide famous museums. Find out about opening hours if you want to visit them.

In addition to her historical heritage, the capital is also one of the world’s capitals of gastronomy. Typical bars, cafés, pastry, candy and bakery shops, and restaurants propose numerous French specialties. But you can also opt for international food. You can also try the barge-restaurants on the Seine.

For having fun alone, with friend or family, the city has many theme parks. And do not miss Paris by night, it is always worth it.

Some tips for optimizing your trip

Paris is a quite expensive town. So make sure to compare the prices for flight or train tickets and the prices of accommodation. Also try to book your places and rooms early and avoid upscale areas if you’re on a budget.

Moreover, for yours travels, the metro and the bus networks of Paris criss-cross the city in all directions. Buying passes for the bus and the subway will be very useful. Services as Uber are also interesting.