ESA Certification: You can now become a certified ecologist

Red Ambiental - ESA certification

Our world is changing and the methods which used to work in the past are no longer enough to restore our planet. To counteract the effects of pollution we must change our ecological practices and develop new sustainable projects. With this ecological wave, new career opportunities have opened for those who love and respect our nature. Red Ambiental presents to you the professional ecologist certification by ESA.


What is the ESA?


The Ecological Society of America or ESA, is one of the largest organization of professional ecologists in the United States. This nonpartisan and nonprofit organization funded by scientists in 1915 aims to promote ecological science. Their main axes are the improvement of communication among ecologists, the rise of awareness and the increase of available resources to conduct ecological science. Moreover, they want to ensure the appropriate use of ecological science for political decisions between the ecological community and policy-makers.

ESA counts over 9.000 members which address environmental issues, including biotechnology, ecological restoration, ecosystem management, species extinction and loss of biological diversity.

Red Ambiental specifies that at the Education and Diversity Programs office, ecology-related professions are diverse. This is made in order to engage the public into research to improve the quality of ecological education.


The ESA certification by Red Ambiental


A certification is always valued when it comes to apply for a job. So, if you want to become an ecologist at all levels, you may consider taking this special training to add a credential to your resume. Demonstrate your expertise and exhibit your skill levels to your potential employers.

The ESA certification guarantees you an application for different career categories. You may apply to ecologist in training, associate ecologist, certified ecologist, senior ecologist and emeritus senior ecologist.

Reference requirements are a must for all candidates. For instance, if you’re willing to apply you will need 2 recommendation letters. In order to apply, one reference must be part of the ESA. Lastly, only one of the letters must be from the candidate’s home institution.