Methane gas resources endanger the mexican ecosystem

Red Ambiental - Methane gas

Red Ambiental, an environment company, appeals to caution as a result of the latest methane emissions causing possible environment damages.


Alarming observations


During the summer, the country experienced a transition to commercial exploitation of its shale gas. As a consequence methane, a gas that strongly pollutes the environment (more than carbon dioxide – CO2) was released.

In order to exploit shale gas and oil, a mixture of water, sand and chemical are injected to the ground. The concoction is severely damaging for the planet and causes health and environment issues.

An analysis led by the United States of America over 137 deposits in 41 countries, places Mexico in the 6th place for shale gas reserves. Last march, the Agency of Industrial Safety and Environmental Protection released a regulation identifying the risks of fracking fluid leaks.

Red Ambiental recalls the blast caused by methane gas in 2013 which caused the death of 37 people and injured 120 others. This event happened after the construction of a building over a leaked methane gas ground that reacted to an electrical sparkle. In order to prevent any future tragedy, the company proposes various environmental and energetic solutions.


Methane gas in Mexico


Another research led by the Texas A&M University of Galveston and other collaborators, shows an alarming methane-fueled ecosystem in flooded caves. The studies conducted in the Ox Bel Ha cave showed a natural production of methane in those soils. They are then released towards the atmosphere where microbes can feed of them and fuel a food web dominated by crustaceans.

Concerning non-natural production, Mexico has emitted 126 million tonnes of methane in the atmosphere during 2013. These numbers follow the 608 million tonnes of CO2 released by the country the same year.

The emissions increased by 329% between 2012 and 2014 as a result of venting and gas burning. As such, the country burned over five billion cubic meters of gas in 2015. The numbers dragged the country on the 8th place worldwide.

To improve Mexico’s environment issues several solutions are proposed as green energy or green construction.